Tours on the Terrace

Up the Spiral: An Optimistic Tour of the Clal Center

The tour will combine the story of the Clal center – a building that has become the white elephant of the Jerusalem center- with the story of the Muslala community that fell in love with the building.

The Clal center was built at in ’70s on the ruins of the Alliance Art School “Toran ve Melacha”, the first art school to be established in the city (many years before Bezalel!). The goal was to build a new, gigantic commercial center for the city – “A building that is a city in itself”, which would provide all that is needed by residents – offices, banks, commerce, and leisure. The commercial center and the tower were only the first part of a much larger plan that was later halted due to public criticism. Since 2014, the Muslala Artists Collective has made the building its home, believing the grey and dull building to be the perfect location for experimentation with new models for healthy urban life. In doing so, Muslala has linked public art with sustainable thinking and community practice. During the tour, we will ascend the famous spiral stairs, passing through many public artworks until we reach the rooftop and the Muslala Terrace: an “Urban Oasis” in the making. The Terrace is a combination of a green and blooming park, studio for art and sustainability, public space, and a laboratory for alternative urban life.

Length of the tour: 1 hour – 1.5 hours, Cost: 1000 Nis

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