Tours on the Terrace

Touring the Depths of the Intersections: East and West, Musrara, Muslala, Panthers and Watermelons

This tour introduces you to a reality beyond the headlines through the story of a group of artists who wanted to be present at the site— to challenge, to become meeting points, and even offer the possibility of a different future, something new on the horizon. We are brought together by truths that transcend the narratives which are presented in media. The tour will take you through the 1948 Musrara neighborhood, a Jerusalem that is divided between the Israelis and Jordanians. In the 1970s, the Black Panthers roared for social justice. In the 1980s, the process of neighborhood renewal, gentrification, and ultra-orthodoxy began. If Jerusalem is a complex city, then Musrara is the microcosm of all potential tensions. But what about public art and all of that?  The tour will be led by one of the original Muslala members, who will guide us as we wander among the gardens, alleys, and walls. The tour runs through the spring and summer months.

Duration: 1-2 hours, Cost: 1200 NIS

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