Night Roofs

Night Roofs

In Jerusalem, at sunset a pleasant wind starts, and as the body cools down something is released. At nights, rooftops are the place to be – the place to drink something cool and just hang out! There are enough rooftops for everyone – a roof for dancing and a roof for drinking, a roof for a show and also for a meal, a roof for sunrise and a roof for a party. All that’s left is for you to choose just one roof or a night of rooftop hopping. Invite friends and reserve a place for you on one of the celebrating roofs:

The Terrace / Abraham Hostel / Artists’ Workshops / Jerusalem View / John Smith / Tali Friedman’s Atelier / Zuni / Uri Zvi Greenberg House / Kulna House / Mamila Rooftop / OrienTop / Waldorf Astoria Just climb up to the roof

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אירוע פתיחה
Ma'aRoofNight RoofsThe Terrace23.8.21

The festival opening event on the Muslala Terrace – Rooftop Stories and a performance by Yogev Shetrit Trio and the Gypsies, hosting Natalie Orion

97 Jaffa street, on the roof of Clal Center
20:00 – 22:30
Rooftop Stories performance

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The Terrace: Adventure and Games for children on the RoofMa'aRoofNight RoofsThe Terrace26.8.21

Night on the roof on the Terrace of Muslala

For 6 years we have been cultivating the roof in preparation for this moment when we’ll feel that it is ready – ready to host …

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סדנאות האמנים
The Terrace: Adventure and Games for children on the RoofNight RoofsArtist studios25.8.21

The Artist’s Garden cornerstone laying ceremony events at the Art Cube Artists’s Studios

Artists’ Workshops, 26 HaOman street,

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פסטיבל הגגות
Ma'aRoofNight RoofsThe Terrace24.8.21

A sunset concert with the Djamchid Sisters, Rotterdam Rooftop Days and Pulkes who will host Quarter to Africa

Address: 97 Jaffa street, on the roof of Clal Center
19:00 – 23:00

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Ma'aRoofNight RoofsThe Terrace25.8.21

A sunset performance, Rooftop cinema, Coronavirus Poetry & Song, and the Israeli Klezmer Orchestra

Address: 97 Jaffa street, on the roof of Clal Center 19:00 – 20:00 Sunset Performance – Eran Horwitz Pashtut After years of performing around the …

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יוגה על הגג
Night RoofsYoga on The rooftop25.8.21

Rooftop Yoga

Address: 5 Israel Aharoni street, Jerusalem 18:30-20:00 – Vinyasa yoga class at sunset, on a roof overlooking beautiful Jerusalem. A class that will challenge you, …

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השקת קמפינג הגגות
Night RoofsThe Terrace26.8.21

Launch of Gag Eden (Roof Heaven) camping site on the roof of the Terrace, Clal Center

Muslala Terrace, 97 Jaffa street, on the roof of the Clal Center
toast the new complex and cut the ribbon at 18:30

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בית הספר האמריקאי
Night RoofsAmerican School26.8.21

A Local Culinary Celebration in East Jerusalem

Jibril El-Mutran, The American School, Beit-Haninah Neighberhood
19:00 – 23:00
Photo: Orit siman tov

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בית כולנא
Night RoofsKulna Yerushalayim25.8.21

Singing on the rooftop of Kulna House

Kulna House, 4 Ein Rogel street, Jerusalem
Kulna Jerusalem is celebrating the opening of the association’s new rooftop

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סינמה הוסטל
Night RoofsJohnsmith bar26.8.21

גג-עדן Gag-Eden غغ عدن @Orion

John Smith, 4 Shamai street, Jerusalem

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Night RoofsZuni Jerusalem25.8.21

Jazz at Zuni

Address: 15 Yoel Moshe Salomon street, Jerusalem – Zuni
19:00 – 23:00

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האטלייה של טלי פרדימן
Night RoofsThe Jerusalem Atelier24.8.21

Two Siblings on the Roof

14 Hacharov street, in Mahane Yehuda Market, The Atelier
18:30 – 23:00
NIS 330, pre-register

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פסטיבל גג עדן 2021 - הגגות המשתתפים4
Night RoofsJohnsmith bar24.8.21

PsychoDali: To the subconscious through art and music

John Smith, 4 Shamai street, Jerusalem
nspired by the master of imagination Salvador Dali

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לילה על הגג באברהם הוסטל
Night RoofsAbraham Hostel26.8.21

Sleepover on the rooftop of Abraham Hostel

Address: 67 Hanevi’im street, Jerusalem

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האברהם הוסטל
Night RoofsAbraham Hostel25.8.21

Chill evening on the roof of Abraham Hostel

67 Hanevi’im street, Jerusalem
20:00 – Into the night

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Night RoofsAbraham Hostel24.8.21

Spoken Word on the Roof of Abraham Hostel

67 Hanevi’im street, Jerusalem
20:30 Until we’re speechless – a crazy performance at Avraham Hostel with ten talented speakers, with an open stage at the end

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גג עדן פסטיבל ימי הגגות של ירושלים מוזיאון על התפר
Night RoofsMuseum on the Seam24.8.21

After Conference for Rooftops Pioneers at the Museum on the Seam

4 Heil Handassa, Jerusalem

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