Ma roof?

As part of the Gag Eden events – Jerusalem Rooftops Days – the Music Department ascends to the Muslala Terrace for 4 days of special musical performances! The music stage at the Terrace is held in collaboration with the Jerusalem Musicians Forum as part of the Music Department of the Jerusalem Municipality.

Address: Muslala Terrace, 97 Jaffa street, on the roof of the Clal Center.
18:00 -23:00
Entrance with a Green Pass – based on availability

Ma-Roof? MusicRoof Credits – Moshe de Gracia – Director of the Music Department (outgoing) Roni Glass – Director of the Music Department (incoming) Moshe Waldman – Artistic Management Galit Ovadia – Music Coordinator and Director of the Jerusalem Musicians Forum

  • All days
  • 23.8.21
  • 24.8.21
  • 25.8.21
  • 26.8.21
אירוע פתיחה
Ma'aRoofNight RoofsThe Terrace23.8.21

The festival opening event on the Muslala Terrace – Rooftop Stories and a performance by Yogev Shetrit Trio and the Gypsies, hosting Natalie Orion

97 Jaffa street, on the roof of Clal Center
20:00 – 22:30
Rooftop Stories performance

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The Terrace: Adventure and Games for children on the RoofMa'aRoofNight RoofsThe Terrace26.8.21

Night on the roof on the Terrace of Muslala

For 6 years we have been cultivating the roof in preparation for this moment when we’ll feel that it is ready – ready to host …

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פסטיבל הגגות
Ma'aRoofNight RoofsThe Terrace24.8.21

A sunset concert with the Djamchid Sisters, Rotterdam Rooftop Days and Pulkes who will host Quarter to Africa

Address: 97 Jaffa street, on the roof of Clal Center
19:00 – 23:00

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Ma'aRoofNight RoofsThe Terrace25.8.21

A sunset performance, Rooftop cinema, Coronavirus Poetry & Song, and the Israeli Klezmer Orchestra

Address: 97 Jaffa street, on the roof of Clal Center 19:00 – 20:00 Sunset Performance – Eran Horwitz Pashtut After years of performing around the …

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