A sunset performance, Rooftop cinema, Coronavirus Poetry & Song, and the Israeli Klezmer Orchestra

Ma’aRoof / Night Roofs / The Terrace

Address: 97 Jaffa street, on the roof of Clal Center

19:00 – 20:00

Sunset Performance – Eran Horwitz Pashtut After years of performing around the world and collaborations in many international projects, bass player Eran Horwitz has released an album in which Eran shares his musical journey with the listeners. Eran grew up in Jerusalem and absorbed all the various shades of local Jerusalem music. The magical quarter tones and scales accompanied him on his travels throughout the world and merged into the many musical styles he plays – Balkan, African, Arab and Flamenco – but always with an authentic Jerusalem flavor. The show will also feature the album’s musical producers Gregie Berza and Tibi Golan, both virtuoso wind instrument players from Eastern Europe, as well as percussionist Gonen Wiesel with whom Eran played for many years in Spain

.21:00 – 22:00

– Rooftop Cinema – James Bond dashing across rooftops, Mary Poppins dancing on the rooftops of London and Neo of Matrix fame dodging bullets on the rooftop.
Why does every movie have a unique roof scene? This is the subject of the lecture and screening by Einat Kapf, director, screenwriter, content director and film lecturer.

21:00 – 22:00

– Coronavirus Poetry & Song: the show During the Coronavirus period, the Jerusalem Municipality’s Music Department contacted Jerusalem poets and asked them to send in poems that expressed the spirit of the period and their personal experience during the pandemic. The Coronavirus Poetry & Song project brought together performing composers that are members of the Jerusalem Musicians Forum with poems written by Jerusalem poets. Six Jerusalem musicians participated in two composition workshops with Alma Zohar, in which they were inspired by her unique composition process. Based on six texts written by poets living in the city, they created songs that reflect a complicated and unique period. Featuring: Tamar Amar, Sharon Bar Yaakov, Yifat Netowitz, and Lily Averbuch Accompanied by: Dolev Solomon – Bass | Yoni Alush – Drums

22:00 – 23:00

– The Israeli Klezmer Orchestra 10 young musicians on stage, performing joyful music with a big and rich sound that envelops the audience with sweeping energy. It is virtually impossible not to dance to the sounds of the Israeli Klezmer Orchestra.

פסטיבל גג עדן 2021 - סמל

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פסטיבל גג עדן 2021 - לוגו משותפים

Roofs are the complementary earth of the crowded city

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פסטיבל גג עדן 2021 - לוגו מאונך
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