PsychoDali: To the subconscious through art and music

Night Roofs / Johnsmith bar

Address: John Smith, 4 Shamai street, Jerusalem  

Inspired by the master of imagination Salvador Dali,
Let’s travel between dimensions
Into our sub-consciousness.
.This evening of psychedelia is about exploring your boundaries and corners of your mind with art.
Intuitive painting will show your hidden thoughts.
Video art is moving the boundaries of what is considered possible.
Music is taking us to the depths of psychedelia, until our feet say it’s enough.We start at 20:30 and continue into space.
The entrance is free, on condition of the open mind

20:30 Magical Creature show by Alma Tamir and Abigail Ohav

21:00-21:30 Inbar Heiman in a mesmerizing solo show of original songs and a variety of unique musical instruments

21:30-22:30 RetroAct – With a 90s vibe and lots of toxic masculinity, this alternative rock trio from Jerusalem will take you back to an era where guitars were still loud and hard-hitting.

22:30 Movement creates painting by Ross Gadzhiev and Alma Tamir

23:30 DJ Erez Moore with a PsyBass & Zenon set 

DJ Mera with a live Trance show that combines live instruments and psychedelic innovation

00:45 Video art  – throughout the evening, by multidisciplinary artists Yael Katz and Ziv Tamari in live painting

*Admission is free

פסטיבל גג עדן 2021 - סמל
פסטיבל גג עדן 2021 - הגגות המשתתפים4

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Roofs are the complementary earth of the crowded city

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פסטיבל גג עדן 2021 - לוגו מאונך
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