Hagaon – adventures and games for children on the Muslala Terrace

24.8.21 / 25.8.21 / 26.8.21
The Terrace: Adventure and Games for children on the Roof / The Terrace

Games you won’t find anywhere else, a pleasant breeze against the backdrop of our beloved oasis.
Every afternoon we will hold workshops in the spirit of Muslala: kite building, cardboard city-building, making seed balls, bee tours.
Address: Muslala Terrace, 97 Jaffa street, on the roof of the Clal Center.

Admission is free, depending on availability
Kite Building and flying workshop
24-26.8, at: 17:00-18:30, for ages 6 and up

Cardboard city-building workshop
24-26.8, at: 17:00-18:30 for ages 6 and up

Making seed balls
24-26.8, at: 17:00-18:30 for ages 6 and up

Bee tours for families and children
24-26.8 at: 17:00 | 18:00

Cardboard City
Standing in the center of the Terrace, you’ll find a cardboard city enabling the observer to see and feel the “rooftop desert” from the bird’s eye view.
During the festival days, participants are invited to imagine the city changing itself, crossing its boundaries, and daring to let its roofs be spaces for humans, animals, and plants. For this purpose, the cardboard city will be used in creative workshops through which you can add your ideas and imaginings to the city.

פסטיבל גג עדן 2021 - סמל
הגגון הרפתקאות ומשחקים על הגג 2021

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פסטיבל גג עדן 2021 - לוגו משותפים

Roofs are the complementary earth of the crowded city

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פסטיבל גג עדן 2021 - לוגו מאונך
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