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Beginner Upholstery Course – Building Furniture under the guidance of Arie Templelhof

Course objectives: The course will incorporate both theory and hands on lessons, during which students will acquire furniture-building skills – starting at the design stage and progressing to cutting, and furniture construction, working with a sponge, fabric sewing and finishing.

During the course we will work with a variety of tools – woodworking and sewing machines, pneumatic manual tools (air pressure). Throughout which, there will be  Emphasise on work safety.


Course structure: The first session consists mostly of a theoretical lecture. The rest of the course is hands on during which the students will build two crate-based furnishings, each with different techniques, designed to provide a base for proper (correct) work for future furniture construction 

The course will take place at the Beita Center – a home for social and city art, which hosts the “Muslalah workshop”. The center is located at 155 Jaffa Street (opposite the entrance to Toriim Street)  

If you happen to come to the Beita Center and the door is locked, you can enter the workshop from the back entrance that is located underneath the synagogue “Saidof” on 153 Jaffa Street 

The course is designed for a group of up to 9 participants, young and old.


What’s the plan?

  • Getting acquainted with raw materials and traditional and new technologies.
  • Getting acquainted with the equipment and safety rules.
  • Types of Structures – Hard-base furniture and its development into crate furniture.

Fill types – springs, belts, cotton, sponges, etc.

Types of coatings – How to choose and work with different materials?


Skeleton – Different types and adjustment of upholstery, construction of wooden skeleton (Gishtal) for a round or square footrest.
Upholstery materials and technicalities of the work.
Design and implementation of the filler on the furniture skeletons built (belts and sponge)
Getting acquainted with and operating industrial sewing machines

The principles of designing a pattern and cutting the different materials
Hands on practice in designing the cut and in what manner to cut the different materials
Sewing the upholstery fabric, and dressing the upholstery on the built  furniture skeleton.

General Information

During the course, students can enjoy additional weekly access to work at the workshop, this is in addition to the regular sessions of the course and in coordination with the workshop (administrators/operators


Please note: The cost of the course includes all the raw materials except the fabrics, which you will choose yourself


Who’s the Teacher

The course will be taught by Arie Templelhof, who has over 40 years of experience in upholstery, is responsible for the discipline of upholstery in the Ministry of Labor courses, and is just an overall excellent teacher who teaches in additional various frameworks Not to mention, he’s also a son of upholsterer.




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