Why "Gag Eden?"

“Gag-Eden” invites you to leave the ground level and join us on the active rooftops of the city, experiencing with your own eyes, how the new rooftop culture is emerging. The event takes place over 4 days and 4 nights, spreading over more than 20 rooftops throughout Jerusalem, and offers an experience that suits everyone: rooftop enthusiasts, professionals and the general public. In an era of dramatic climate change affecting each and every one of us, it is essential to re-think our urban way of life and rooftops play a critical role here. The urban roof is the largest, most significant, most accessible and promising space we have to create our urban paradise! Jerusalem’s Roof Days are being held to celebrate the process that has started in Jerusalem and in many other advanced cities in Israel and around the world. “Rooftop Pioneers” began to blossom the “Roof-Desert” desolation and bitumen sheets, and beautiful green oasis began to sprout throughout the city allowing us to encounter celestial bodies, nature in all its beauty and of course, each other.

Roofs are the complementary land of the crowded city.

A roof can be a green area for meeting or playing, a space for growing healthy and fresh food or simply for producing solar energy. Today, more than 90% of the urban roof space is not utilized, therefore, the city’s roofs have a huge and significant potential to meet the challenges of 21st-century urbanism, and the challenges of humanity facing the climate crisis.

So, what are we waiting for?

Leading team of Gag Eden: Kobi Frig / Nitsan Crawcour / Matan Israeli / Danny Kinreich | Production: Kobi Frig
Production coordination: Nitzan Kroker
Leading Team of the Roofing Pioneers Conference: Dana Gazi / Matan Israeli |
Production: Nitzan Kroker
Design: Grotesque Studio
Website construction: Studio Joseph
Public Relations: Vered Lyon Yerushalmi Documentation and broadcast: Eric Putterman Media management: Michael Avshalom
Arabic translation: Anwar Ben Badis
English translation: Bereshit – Genesis Translations
Special thanks to: Nadav Oren, Alex Schlager, Nili Perlmutter, Sinsila Center staff, Sharon Gardstein, David Ohayon, Clalir Management and Maintenance Company, Eli Benita, James Snyder, Ruth Diskin and all members of the Jerusalem Foundation. Jerusalem Municipality’s Music Department: Moshe de Gracia – Director of the Music Department (outgoing), Roni Glass – Director of the Music Department (incoming), Moshe Waldman – Artistic Management, Galit Ovadia – Music Coordinator and Director of the Jerusalem Musicians Forum


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Roofs are the complementary earth of the crowded city

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