Who are we?

Muslala project is about creating public art in-between Jerusalem many borders

Muslala is a nonprofit organization established in 2009 by artists, residents and
community activists of the Musrara neighborhood in Jerusalem. The organization,
which is based in the Clal Building runs art exhibitions, urban “art-tracks,”
guided tours, art workshops, and has opened an active
meeting and study center and  exhibition space. Muslala wishes to produce a
new model that combines artistic activity with a social orientation. Most of the
activities take place outdoors in the public realm, with ripples affecting  both East and west Jerusalem and


The Vision:
The Muslala Group operates on the premise that the power of art and creativity
can alter ways of thinking and the conduct of society and individuals. The work
we do is meant to promote the transformation of Jerusalem into an open and
creative society in which every person is enabled to express and fulfill himself or
We believe that art is the only multi-cultural and international language and thus
must be accessible, communicative and a key tool in creating a dialogue
between people, groups, communities and nations.

The Muslala Group offers a platform for artists from various fields to work and
create in Jerusalem. The emphasis is on the creation of art in public domain and on maintaining an open dialogue with local

We generate activities throughout the year in the belief that deep change comes out
of continuous and constant action – like planting and then tenderly cultivating a
seed that grows into a tree laden with fruit.


…or as we define it –


Muslala is community of artists and craftspeople who live and thrive on the rich soil of Jerusalem.

Our goal is to nurture and grow a sustainable and flexible community

which is sensitive and connective between one and oneself,

between one and his community, and between one and the Earth.

Muslala is a greenhouse for initiatives that take place in the space between art, society, and sustainability.

We believe art and creativity have the power to make a sustainable change,

and we question the role of social art and the artist in the urban space in general

and Jerusalem in particular.

Our arms are open and our heart is beating.