Goals & Vision

To BE the change we want to see in the world

Muslala is community of artists and craftspeople who live and thrive on the rich soil of Jerusalem.

Our goal is to nurture and grow a sustainable and flexible community

which is sensitive and connective between one and oneself,

between one and his community, and between one and the Earth.

Muslala is a greenhouse for initiatives that take place in the space between art, society, and sustainability.

We believe art and creativity have the power to make a sustainable change,

and we question the role of social art and the artist in the urban space in general

and Jerusalem in particular.

Our arms are open and our heart is beating.

and in diffrent words:
The Muslala Group operates on the premise that the power of art and creativity
can alter ways of thinking and the conduct of society and individuals. The work
we do is meant to promote the transformation of Jerusalem into an open and
creative society in which every person is enabled to express and fulfill himself or
We believe that art is the only multi-cultural and international language and thus
must be accessible, communicative and a key tool in creating a dialogue
between people, groups, communities and nations.