Core Team:

Matan Israeli- Co manager and founder of Muslala (NP organization) since 2009, as well as the curator of the organization. Artist and creator, live and work in jerusalem. Graduated with a B.F.A from Bezalel. Curated projects in Mekudeshet, Israel Festival and more. Winner of the ministry of culture young artist award (2013)

Daphna Yalon– Co founder of The Terrace, earth based artist, coordinator of Adamahi center at The Terrace, head of the community field in Muslala. Graduated with a B.F.A from Bezalel (1995) and M.F.A from Tasmania, Australia University (2007). Her work was exhibited in many places in israel and around the world.

Nili Parlamuter- Administrative manager of the organization since 2013, with broad experience in NP organizations in jerusalem (Hazira- performance art arena, Zik NP organization, Synapse etc.) Artist and painter and a book designer in self publishing.

Ella Gil- Coordinator of Gag Eden center- a research and demonstration center for urban agriculture, green technologies and teaching tools of sustainability in the everyday life. Joined at Muslala in 2015, B.A in Biology and Environment. Currently studying for  M.A at urban design. graduated a permaculture course.

Nadav Oren-  Operational manager at The Terrace- landscape engineer. Been active at The Terrace in various projects, independent gardner. Very committed to The Terrace and to its existing potential for research and urban innovation. Co planner in The Terrace developing.

Yossi Aud- Coordinator of the biodynamic beekeeping center. The center was established in order to restore the missing bees back to the city, through natural-biodynamic beekeeping.
Yossi is an environmental, social, educational and business entrepreneurs, over 30 years. A Partner in leading, founding and managing national public projects, and NP Organizations that deals with environmental, social and educational issues. A teacher at the anthroposophic school Maayan. Give lectures and workshops on biodynamic beekeeping, and a teacher at David Yalin College for Education.


Eyal Bloch, chairman- sculptor and a social and educational entrepreneur. An educator and a Co Founder of The Institute for Education, Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship at David Yalin Academy. One of the founders and the leaders of Waldorf education in Israel.

The Reccanaty for Educational Entrepreneur award winner (2005).
Co Founder of “Allinpeace” program- an educational project for elementary school children who comes from conflict zone.  The program was chosen by the UN as one of the best peace education programs. Nowadays he works in developing social-economy models in Israel and Africa.

Nir Yogev- one of the senior business owners of  the Clal building, arrived at the building from the day it was founded. Owner and manager of a music shop “Effect”, active associate in the organization and an active creator of good relationships between the organization and tha Clal building business owners.

Lidia Meltin- A member in Muslala since 2012, was an administrative manager until 2013. Since then she has taken part as a member at the board. Culture activist in jerusalem and the founder of the “Bar Kayma” NP Organization- arts, music and peace, many of the jerusalem culture institutes are running through it.

Neomi Tzur- Social activist in the quality of environment area in israel, politician and the a former deputy mayor. was responsible for strategic planning, quality of environment sustainability and historic preservation of the city. Neomi led many public fights for the environment and in other social fields. Amongst them there was a fight against an urban expending on the expense of the Jerusalem forest area, that entailed an addition of 20,000 residential units in the west ring highway inside of the green forest. Along with her entrance to the city hall she led the recycling revolution in Jerusalem, and worked to embed the city nature in the urban planning system, alongside with nurturing meaningful open spaces, such as “emek hazvaim” and the railway park. Founder and chairman of the “Green Pilgrimage”.

Chen Tamir- Curator at the CCA- center of contemporary art in israel. M.F.A  from Bard college in curating studies, B.F.A in visual arts and B.A in anthropology from the York university at Toronto.