Hָaֵtz Kָrַs \ Tָּhֵl Froֹsׁ

get to this Hִtְhִil Mִkְּrִisָh.

Sֶׁl Hָaֵtz.

quo long ago daddy.

but it’s a skimpy greybeard with a view to Lִkְrֹs.

as a matter of fact Huּa Aָmַd Lִkְrֹs

but it’s a Cִּmְaַt

Cִּmְaַt Kָrַs and ְhָfַcְ Lִhְioֹt

Mְsֻcָּn Lַtzִּbּoּr

Aָz likely to be one’s the Word


Hִgִּioּ am with Mַsּoֹrִim Gְּdoֹlִim

and ְhָtְkoּ selfsame Lַhֲtִichoֹt Sָׁooֹt

Hַtzֶּbַa Sֶׁlּoֹ

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