The Jerusalem Tile Project

As part of the "Open Space" public interventions, Jerusalem municipality public art department and Eden company

The Jerusalem Tile Project

The project is a permanent exhibition in the public space created along with the people of Jerusalem. New textures composed out of various tile patterns, produced out of photos of tiles from the floors of private homes around the city. The exhibition deals with the human variety in Jerusalem, and in the possibility of different worlds to combine into one complex creation.


Many houses in Jerusalem conceal true works of art – the decorated floor tiles. This magical style originates in Europe, and was developed in our region in the beginning of the 20th century. Local factories manufactured quality tiles in a manual process which has nowadays almost entirely disappeared.

The first stage of the Jerusalem Tile Project is a permanent exhibition that takes place in the public space – Agripas street, right next to the roundabout towards King George street. The exhibition contains 6 boards composed of various tile patterns from the floors of private homes around the city.

The people of Jerusalem were invited to share with us pictures of the decorated floor in their house. We reproduced them based on the pictures, and assembled them into composite creations. Like the human variety of Jerusalem, so do the tiles come together in a complex and special story. Love is out there!

And how about you? The project continues and everyone is welcome to join – Take a photo of the hidden tiles in your house or any another place, share with us, and we will make it a part of the next creation >>