Where is it?

The workshop is located at the ‘Beita Center – Home for art, society and city’, Yafo st. 155 (in front of the entrance to Turim st.). A short walk from the Turim and the Mahane Yehuda Market light-rail stations. Click here for a map

How much does access to the ‘Open Workshop’ cost?

Access to the Open Workshop is available through two payment plans: A two-month subscription, or a 10-entry ticket (valid for six months). Both plans are at a price of 300nis. This price includes insurance, machine wear and the purchase of consumables. It does not include raw building and finishing materials (wood, lacquer, etc.)

Do you offer insurance?

Yes. The workshop is insured under third-party insurance, and all participants of the Open Workshop and course students are additionally covered under a Personal Accident insurance. More questions? Here’s the policy!

Can I come for a one-time introductory session?

Even for a one-time working session you will have to be insured. Therefore, signing-up is necessary. But speaking from experience – even the simplest project that you plan to make will probably take more than one session, so instead of trying to finish the project in one session, come the next day as well and finish it properly and not in a hurry.

Where can I find materials?

We recommend working with used materials as much as possible, but if you wish to buy new materials – here is a list of suppliers. The list is open for editing and you are welcome to comment and add more suppliers.

What machines do you own?

The workshop has professional tools that are necessary to build whatever you wish, but unfortunately, it is still not a professional woodworking workshop. Here you can find a description of what the workshop contains. Take into account that at our workshop like at others, machines sometimes die.

For any questions about the Open Workshop, contact Andrey via email: open.sadna@muslala.org, or via phone: 054-550-4891. For any questions about the courses, contact Nathan Landau – Activities Coordinator for the workshop, via email: sadna@muslala.org, or via phone: 050-594-9811.