Blooming Boom

Inspirational Space for Urban Farming

The majority of Israel’s population   lives in cities. In recent years, there has been an upsurge of awareness about the influences of cities on their surroundings, regarding the Ecosystems within them, their usage of open spaces, the amounts of pollution they emit, and the society’s inner relationship and affinity to nature. Cities possess an abundance of sources and land, that with accurate planning and intervention, can become from nuisance to resource.

    A call for responsibility rises from this change of perception. The motivation to garden at home, producing compost from organic waste, growing our own food and planting trees for shade and fruit, is driven from social and communal needs. Beyond all that, the Modus Vivendi that Urban farmers adapts for themselves, effects processes of temperature adjustment, the level of air pollution, the biological diversity, thus making cities public space, a space that is more bearable to live in.

“Kayamuta” is an open source group, operating since 2014 in order to raise awareness, disperse knowledge and provide practical instruments, for sustainable urban life. The space, that is being established as a part of the ‘balcony project’, was born as a cooperation between Kayamuta and “Muslala” NGO, from a common vision of transforming it into an urban ecology demonstration and educational center.

The launching exhibition for the space, “Blooming Boom”, was meant to introduce prototypes for urban farming, that can be applied at public spaces throughout the city. The exhibition hosts creators from various fields, to address the interdisciplinary cooperation that is needed for Urban Farming developments.

The creators presenting are:

Amir Elron, Gadi Weshavski, David Mendelbaum, Noam Bar, Sharon Gradshtein, ONYA Collective and Kayamuta.

Curators: Elisheva Cohen and Shmulik Twig.