The Muslala workshop is an open workspace that allows whomever is interested, to come and work. There is no need to be experienced or to be Gepetto’s grandson – all you need is a will to learn! If you already have something planned and you’re looking for a place to work – come to the ‘Open Workshop’ that operates daily. The schedule for the Open Workshop is at the bottom of this page. The Sign-Up form is through this link. Before arriving, look for your name on this list – to make sure that your registration and insurance is valid. If you wish to learn in an orderly and supervised setting – you are welcome to sign up for one of our courses. The sign-up process for the next round of courses is now open, so if you have always wished to know how to build things on your own – now is your chance to improve your skills through a variety of courses being taught by our professional staff. If you’ve missed the sign-up dates but you still wish to come and learn, get information about the next course cycle through this link.

Upcoming Courses?

Beginners Introduction to practical carpentry

  • Class of 20th cycle >> Sundays 6pm-9pm | Opening date: 29.10.2017
  • Class of 21st cycle >> Mondays 3pm-6pm | Opening date: 30.10.2017
  • Class of 22nd cycle >> Fridays 9am-12pm | Opening date: 24.11.2017

This course aims to give basic tools for woodworking and will combine traditional techniques and work with electrical tools. This course is also intended for advance students who wish to take their carpentry skills one-step forward – these students will plan individual projects with the help of the course instructor, Aliza Ashkenzi, and build them under her supervision. 10 meetings. Price: 2200nis. Additional information about the course | Sign up

Furniture Building (Beginners Upholstery)

Class of 14th cycle >> Wednesdays 6pm-9pm | Opening date: 15.11.2017

The course will have both practical and theoretical lessons in which the students will gain furniture-building skills – starting from the planning stage and onto sawing, constructing, working with foam, sewing and assembly. During the course, the students will work with both new and used materials and with a variety of tools – sewing and carpentry machines, hand tools and pneumatic tools. 10 meetings. Price: 2200nis. Additional information about the course | Sign up

Advanced Upholstery

Mondays 6:30pm-9:15pm | Opening date: 6.11.2017

This course is intended for students with experience in furniture restoration who are interested in improving their upholstery skills. The course is taught by Arye Templehof – carpenter and upholsterer, instructor at the Ministry of Economies “type 1 carpentry” course. 4-6 meetings (chosen by the student). Price: 600nis Additional information about the course (Hebrew) | Sign up


Where is it?

The workshop is located at the ‘Beita Center – Home for art, society and city’, Yafo st. 155 (in front of the entrance to Turim st.). A short walk from the Turim and the Mahane Yehuda Market light-rail stations. Click here for a map

How much does access to the ‘Open Workshop’ cost?

Access to the Open Workshop is available through two payment plans: A two-month subscription, or a 10-entry ticket (valid for six months). Both plans are at a price of 300nis. This price includes insurance, machine wear and the purchase of consumables. It does not include raw building and finishing materials (wood, lacquer, etc.)

Do you offer insurance?

Yes. The workshop is insured under third-party insurance, and all participants of the Open Workshop and course students are additionally covered under a Personal Accident insurance. More questions? Here’s the policy!

Can I come for a one-time introductory session?

Even for a one-time working session you will have to be insured. Therefore, signing-up is necessary. But speaking from experience – even the simplest project that you plan to make will probably take more than one session, so instead of trying to finish the project in one session, come the next day as well and finish it properly and not in a hurry.

Where can I find materials?

We recommend working with used materials as much as possible, but if you wish to buy new materials – here is a list of suppliers. The list is open for editing and you are welcome to comment and add more suppliers.

What machines do you own?

The workshop has professional tools that are necessary to build whatever you wish, but unfortunately, it is still not a professional woodworking workshop. Here you can find a description of what the workshop contains. Take into account that at our workshop like at others, machines sometimes die.

For any questions about the Open Workshop, contact Andrey via email:, or via phone: 054-550-4891. For any questions about the courses, contact Nathan Landau – Activities Coordinator for the workshop, via email:, or via phone: 050-594-9811.

Workshop Schedule



Open Workshop with Yair





Open Workshop with Netanel




Advanced Upholstery with Arye



Open Workshop with Noam


Open Workshop with Andrey


Open Workshop with Dana / Avi



Open Workshop with Ishay


Open Workshop with Ayala


Beginners Carpentry with Aliza



Open Workshop with Dedy


Open Workshop with Amir



Beginners Upholstery with Arye

Attention! Independent work is not permitted during course hours, and the Muslala workshop is not responsible for projects stored in the workshop.

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