June 2012

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in the night, unseen hand stick posters bearing the image of Rabbi Berland – the palette Daniel Street Corner Queen Helena. What is the reason for the violation of the status quo of the existing neighborhood and accepted large panel painting and awareness is hanged on the side, on a smaller board designed for this purpose? My guess is that this is a response to the party held in the week just before the Sabbath under the projects – many of them inhabit a follower of Rabbi Berland. There could be some other reason – but in any case, a quick response is required posters. If we continue as if nothing happened – the crack in the dam may develop fracture, hole then lead to the collapse of the reality of coexistence in which we are trying to establish themselves.

Because of the sensitivity of affairs – sensitive solution is also required. Draw on the rabbi’s announcements, the figure could be perceived reflectance fire, adding fuel to the fire that threatens to get out of hand like that.

These and Nsobr Cohen, the artist whose work is currently on the board, chose to hold a further continue its work and will provide appropriate and creative response. After a short internet research she found a recent letter in which Rabbi Berland out against the silence of the world what is happening in Syria, whose horrors

Which he compares to the horrors of the Holocaust. Posters pasted on the board itself – inviting the public to a conference called “The Scream” – Awakening conference on behalf of all inhabitants of the world.

In addition to the conference – the rabbi’s remarks will be posted on large billboards throughout the country …

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and it all comes together here: these remove the ads taped and written text published by the Rabbi –

“Two hours from Tel Aviv and there is no god hands to save and stop the bloodshed and to stop seeing men, women and infants under the age of one year, boys and girls under the age of three years, and all of them lying in the streets of the borough of mutilated limb.

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“and we Jews stop within an hour the immense carnage that, and probably the whole world is silent and does not mind just a few phrases repeated that they have no coverage and dawn, and tied my hands and put handcuffs on our arms and prevent us from helping and save.

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“so we came here at this terrible arouse the conscience of the entire world – to stop the immense carnage carried out under our noses, and under the shadow Kortino and let us, the people of Israel, to enter into a bloodbath spilled at any time and second, to stop the brutality brutal horrible was returned and repeated every minute and second in front of our eyes and really thrives Nshmtino images of horror that have not been witnessed since the terrible Holocaust, which was by the pre seventy years ago. “

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From: Matan Israeli, Muslala group coordinator

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