A New Course Began

Living On The Balcony – practical tools for ecology in the urban home. An annual course in urban practical sustainability, in bi-weekly meetings in the city of Yair and Eden, in an annual course on the roof of the Clal Building in Jerusalem. The Garden of Eden – The Center for Urban Agriculture and the Tree of Joy invites you to take a fresh look at the daily activities of our lives, and to create a cycle of consumption – growth that nourishes life – ours and those who live around us. These days, an exciting collaboration is brewing between the roof of Eden and the city of Yair. Ella and Tami cook an annual course on ecology on the balcony – “Living on the Balcony” – a course that provides practical tools for ecology in the urban home. We will learn and experience practical tools for practical sustainability, introduce a broad framework of thought and build a supportive group. The meetings will take place every two weeks on Fridays: a monthly meeting with Tami (Tree in Beer) – sharing, familiarity with a new topic and practical experience, and a monthly meeting with Ella (roof of Eden) – sharing and practicing.


The course is divided according to the tree lily of the year


About life and death-they make vinegar In the middle meeting: Sowing and preparing seedlings


Calm consumerism – consumerism and baguette culture – presents gifts for the holidays In the middle meeting: Autumn planting – medicinal plants


The neighbor and the chocolate – make a chocolate spread (ecological At a mid-meeting: You know the neighbors


How to be ill – preparing a medicinal potion In the middle meeting: preparing compost soup


Urban agriculture – creation of soil – composting in three different methods At the mid-meeting: The construction of a pile of compost in the yard of one of the participants


Tu Bishvat – How to save trees? Workshop at mid-meeting: sewing handkerchiefs and towels


Clean cleaning – cleaning spray At mid-meeting: preparing for Purim- preparing costumes


Purim, about the drunkenness – they make a campo In a mid-session: they learn gardening in containers and prepare the garden for the summer (Holiday break)


Thoughtful nutrition – learn to sprout easily At a mid-level meeting (actually in early May): prepare almonds for Shavuot


Reusable – extraction in oil and preparation of serum


On sunscreen and sunscreen At mid-session: Do lip balm and hands


On the heat, and do deodorant and a summary celebration – ice cream

More Details

Course Opening Date

  • Friday, 15.9.2017
  • The course will take place every two weeks until July 2018

Price For 24 Meetings

  • Range from NIS 2,000 to NIS 2400, as is the participant’s ability. Registration
  • Fee: 300 NIS (part of the total fee) – Registration fee will not be refunded in case of cancellation
  • Registration form and additional details regarding registration: here

Any More Questions

Send an email to gag-eden@muslala.org or call Tammy at “Olive Tree”: 03-525-4196 Main photo: Hadar Bashari